Petr Jahoda
usually spends majority of the year on the expeditions,  that helped him to acquire all the interesting information to be published in four etnographic-photographical books under cycle ,,The wildest spots in the world“. His large-scale publication ,,Living People of Primeval Ages“ describes more than thirty of currently living nature nations in the Africa, Asia and Papua & New Guinea.

Petr Jahoda is focused on professional photography since the year of 1986. Beginning of his outstanding interest in nature nations started in the year of 1997. He organized many eventful expeditions to the nature nations, high mountains even expedition behind the artic circle. 
Besides these activities, he is also publishing in prestigious magazines, made eleven documentary films for the Czech Television. His photographs appeared on coverpages of many well known magazines around the world. He is the founder of specialized traveloque publishing house – AKACIE, the founder and editor of geographic-photographical magazine
CESTOPISY ( VOYAGES). Petr Jahoda became also the president of Czech traveller´s club in the year 2000, whose members are diplomats, world´s famous czech travellers and of course everybody else interested in travelling to remote destinations. Czech Television has produced two documents about Petr Jahoda in the year 2000 and 2003.

Petr Jahoda's name appears in the czech edition of prestigious Who is Who encyclopedia as well. Photographs that were shot during his career are published in the official czech textbook of geography for elementary schools.